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2 years ago
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I don’t even know how to express my feels right now because I don’t even know what I’m thinking but all I know is for the past three hours I’ve been sitting here watching Glee and Youtube videos and seriously considering deleting this Tumblr.

I know I’ve talked about this before and I’ve never done anything about it but tonight I am actually thinking deleting. I’m starting Year 11, I am desperate to do well, I’m addicted to this bloody website and at the same time I’m bored with it. It’s ridiculous. I have no self-control so I can’t just stay off it - I’ll always wonder if I gained a follower or if one of my posts got more notes. And I know that it just wastes my time.


Maybe I won’t delete. Maybe I’ll change my theme, change my password and not log in for a while.

Why is this so hard?

  1. cromulant said: duuuuuuuude year 11 literally counts for nothing. At the time of me doing yr 11 i was like I HAVE TO DO WELL IT’S SO IMPORTANT blah blah but then by the end of the year you’ll realise it didn’t count for shit :/
  2. rosedonna said: I know that feel bro, I just started yr 11 too. I’m supposed to be on hiatus though oop. maybe just try a hiatus idk but don’t deleteeeeeeee
  3. cedricdiggorys said: Maybe you just need a hiatus. idk, maybe block tumblr for a bit?
  4. jen-blakes said: i think i have you on facebook so you’re allowed if you need to bb.
  5. peetabrollark said: DON’T DELETE KATE UGDFJKSFCDMS but yeah i know how you feel D:
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